How to play:

Click a tower spot to add blocks to it. Different blocks do different things.

Red: Damage, Green: More Money, Blue: Splash, White: Speed, Black: Range

Upgrade the central tower to access new abilities.

Click the minion button to send the first wave of enemies.

Change Log v0.4:

  • New central tower abilities:
    • Snipe - passive: One hit kill a monster.
    • Block magnet - active: Collect all of the blocks on the ground at once.
    • Blockolypse - active: Destroy all monsters and blocks.
  • Enemies now explode, shooting blocks everywhere, the block size is dependent on their worth.
  • Players can hover over blocks on the ground to collect them as currency.
  • Changed Tower Blocks names from "Blocks" to "Slabs" to help those that were confused between the blocks currency and the blocks being used for towers.
  • Sending a wave early gives extra blocks.
  • The number of slabs that can be stacked has been decreased to 6, one for each level of the Central Tower. Hopefully this will help players keep track of how many slabs they can stack much more easily.
  • Change the cost or cooldown to be a circle in the top left of every option.
  • Introduced Sound Effects and music.
  • Tower purchase mechanics have been changed so that whenever you purchase a slab that colour becomes more expensive for future purchases for that specific tower.
  • Insufficient funds are now displayed when applicable.
  • Central tower abilities are interable via the game UI.
  • Tooltips have been changed to have a more clear cost as well as include a different design for the new abilities.

Bugs Fixed v0.4:

  • Target icon now disappears on minion death.
  • The next wave timer now appears at the correct time, previously it appeared when monsters were still spawning.
  • Fixed a few bugs to do with variables not resetting when the players starts a new game.


Stacky Blocky is an amalgamation of my love for all of the Warcraft III custom tower defense games, Warcraft III hero mechanics, and Starcraft II macro and micro mechanics. I've been playing Blizzard games ever since I had a computer good enough to run them, heck I'm even listening to a podcast on the past, present, and future of Starcraft right now. Enough fanboying, I finally decided to pool all of my Blizzard love into one place and start creating a TD that I would want to play as much as every other Blizzard game.


Stacky Blocky will change over time depending on what mechanics turn out to be awesome. To start, the initial iterations are going to be focusing on crafting combinations with different types of towers through stacking blocks as well as using a central tower to micro last hitting minions for extra gold or helping clean up tricky waves.

You can check out what I'm working on next here.

Trello Link:

Or read my blog here.



I'm creating the game in Unity, Photoshop, and Blender this will be my first big 3D project although I have done 3D work in the past. In terms of aesthetic, I'm looking to create something low poly.


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